Winter ready!

Hey guys!

Can you feel the winter creeping up on you? I certainly can! The past week or two I’ve definitely felt the chill in the air. I LOVE winter! I love any cold weather and what comes with it such as hot chocolate, blankets and lots more movies and series binge nights.



A few months ago I had the opportunity to visit family and experience a REAL winter in London. As you can imagine, winter in London is a completely different experience to winter in Cape Town! Before I left I made sure I had enough layers because I’m one of those people who is “always cold” which is something my whole family knows pretty well and they couldn’t wait to see my reaction as I experience the London cold. I packed quite a few warm items but I made sure I had plenty of space for shopping 🙂


I remember walking out of the airport doors at Heathrow. The cold hit me like a train, I couldn’t believe it! I’ve never experienced cold like that before in my life! It took me a while before I could get used to the cold weather but I really enjoyed seeing my family and enjoyed seeing a different country. I don’t remember seeing the sun shine while I was there and everything was so new to me! I loved London, I honestly think its my favorite destination I’ve been to so far. I enjoyed seeing so many different cultures and people there. The food was incredible, I feel like my taste buds came alive every time I ate something. Despite what some people might think, I found people to be generally friendly and helpful. On the most part I found people to be quite accepting of individuality and uniqueness, people don’t stare at you if you dress weird.


One of the highlights of the trip was seeing the amazing London fashion on display. I am obsessed with Oxford Street which is London’s main shopping attraction and that’s where I got this look! Zara and H&M were the main stores where I shopped while I was in London and there are so many in close proximity to one another which I found quite odd. I could literally stand in front of an H&M, turn my head to the right and look down the street and see another H&M like 300 or 400m away! I think Cape Town only has two H&M stores in total!



About this look:

I have always loved leather jackets and I noticed that the biker look is in at the moment so I paired this biker jacket with the biker jeans which I see EVERYWHERE these days! I love dressing all black but I decided to top the look off with these amazing red shoes that really makes a statement wherever you go!

Jacket: H&M

Jeans: ZARA

Shoes: ZARA


Ciao for now!





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